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Horse Riding Lessons

For Only $7. You Can Start
Your Government Accredited Course
Of Horse Riding Lessons- Learn Anytime, Anywhere!"

A Personal Message from Glenys Cox

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Hi, and welcome to 'Study Horses .com'!

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about our exciting new $7. Introductory Offer to trial our new online horse course about horse riding lessons for only seven dollars!

You probably want to know why we are making such a spectacular offer?

The reason is simple! We want to be the best online horse college in the world and we want your feedback.

At the end of your online assessments we will ask you to let us know what you think about the subject you have just studied ... it will only take a minute or two. If you can do that, then we are prepared to subsidize your training in the 'Horse Riding Lessons' course.

This is not just another course of horse riding lessons where we give you the videos, workbooks and other learning resources and that is it! You are assessed to confirm that you have the knowledge and once you are competent in your horse riding you will receive your accredited qualification.

All of our courses are Government Approved for training in the equine industry and this 'Horse Riding Lessons' course is especially designed to give you the knowledge to ride horses safely and confidently. You may already have your own horse, you may be preparing for your first horse, or you may just want to know more about horses and in particular about the basic principles of horse riding.

This is a fantastic way to discover about riding your horse safely and confidently. You could be a complete beginner to riding horses, even a parent or a partner of a horse owner and just need to know a little more about how to safely and confidently ride horses.

When you enrol in your 'Horse Riding Lessons' course, I am sure you will enjoy your experience with us and trust that it will lead you to learn more about horses and who knows ... it could even lead into a full-time rewarding pastime/career where you can follow your passion!

Remember to live your dreams,


(Ms) Glenys Cox

Director – Ausintec Academy (Study Horses .com)

AHRC Level 2 Coach

EFA Level 2 General Coach

EFA & AHRC Examiner

EFA & AHRC Coach Educator

Workplace Trainer and Assessor

International Level 2 Equestrian Passport

Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education

Master of Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

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√ Further study and work opportunities at the completion of the 'Horse Riding Lessons' course

√ The recognition of the 'Horse Riding Lessons' course in your country

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